Asaph Chayim


Given Name: Adam (earth) Amon (architect), Architect of Earth
Original Profession: Architect, Builder

Height: 5’10
Weight: 150lbs
Raw, calloused hands from work, sunburnt skin, blue eyes.

I was once an architect for a noble in the area of Hippos, on the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee. I build many buildings for many years, and lived a happy, healthy life. That was, until the noble started going crazy, literally. He started to find my designs appalling, and beat me many times for failing him. On my last failure as an architect, he killed my wife and parents instead of beating me (which apparently started to bore him). I could do nothing to stop him, and my prayers went unanswered. Afterwards, he sent me into exile, forbidding me to ever return to Hippos.

I found out 2 weeks later that he went fully mad and jumped off a rampart to his death. But the deed was done, my life was in ruin, I had nothing, was nothing.. I traveled east to the Orient, learning to fight on my travels. I would not be helpless anymore. I would not care for anyone ever again, the loss is too much.

After 10 years of travel, I am now back in Israel. Emotionless, scarred, and not afraid to die. I learned from samurai, ninja, mongols, anyone I could. I am a killer. God would not help me or my family in its greatest time of need, so i take from his land what I want, for money, or pleasure.

My favorite weapons come from the orient. Smoke bombs, Sai’s, and throwing daggers. I usually have dual Sai’s at hand, with a belt of throwing daggers. probably 2-3 smoke bombs in a pouch. Previously being an architect, it is easy for me to find my way into and out of places. I need to be stealthy and smart for what i do, as size and strength are not my strong suits. I am usually in very light clothing and do not keep a place of residence that anyone is aware of. No one knows my given name, I look and act much differently than I did before exile, and I deny (and kill) anyone who thinks they know me from my past.

I am now named: Asaph (collector) Chayim (life), Collector of Life

Legend: Asaph Chayim and the 300 Samurai. Received his weapons by defeating the 300 Samurai of Japans Elite house, killing each in their sleep with their own weapons.

Legend – George and the Mighty Tada: Costaring Asaph Chayim. While George was displaying his impressive lifting skills by holding up two five year old kids, Asaph was busy killing the dockhand that thought he knew him.

Asaph Chayim

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