Dock Worker


Legend 1 – “George and the Mighty Tada” – Known for lifting more than one object at once while ridiculing those that are not as strong. I can off load a ship faster than a Queen strips out of her underware for her mighty tada. My moto is use brute force now and maybe think about it later, and that includes seducing said Queen.

Co-Star – “Finding the Spear of Justice” After Joe Doe was left in the wastes to die by a band of roving bandits, he was found by George who really lead him to the ruins of an ancient city. Where he and Joe found a spear of oak with a head of hardened silver, and armor of an unkown origin that increases Georges strength. After George carried around Joe so he could regain his strength he still thinks he hunted down the would be murders and sent them back to the hell which spawned them one by one. “It’s kind of funny what heat stroke can do to ones thinking”

Co-Stared In – Legend – George and the Mighty Tada: Costaring Asaph Chayim. While George was displaying his impressive lifting skills by holding up two five year old kids, Asaph was busy killing the dockhand that thought he knew him.


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