Xi Sang

Warrior Monk - Traveler


Xi’s body is covered from head to toe with scars, a legacy of his harsh past. Xi begs, steals, and on occasion can find work as a sell sword or man-servant. Xi tries to stay hidden, both ashamed of his appearance, and knowing that Lava is never too far behind him. Xi fights with speed and deception. Using pressure points and his knowledge of anatomy to surprise and shock his opponents.

He is usually cloaked and hooded. He carries the sword of Rama, a rope spear, and little else.

Xi is a son of the Five Dynasties period of china, a time of great upheaval and war.

As a young boy, his village was burned and his family killed. So he left his land, to travel the world. He made his way to the Andies, and found himself dieing on a mountain pass. Destiny rescued him when a group of passing Kshatriya, took him on as a servant and slave. His master, Kusha, was descended from Rama himself, and was the most powerful of the Solar lineage of Kshatriya.

For years Xi lived the harsh and brutal life of a slave, and servant. At 12 he became a training “dummy” for the warriors of Kusha, and experienced suffering and pain beyond measure, by 15 he was unbeatable in the training arena. As time passed, Xi shamed many of the greatest warriors, and gained many enemies. Only the protection of Kusha kept him alive. Kusha secretly trained Xi until the age of 20, and became Xi’s teacher and mentor.

Kusha’s brother Lava, hearing that an “untouchable”, such as Xi, had become such a powerful warrior, came to challenge Xi. Kusha feared when Xi beat Lava, Lava would insist on Xi’s death.

The night before the fight Kusha had a vision of Rama. Rama told him that Xi was meant for greater things than the suffering he’s endured, Xi must go to the west and spread the message of dharma. Kusha gave Xi his best horse, and an ancient sword wielded by Rama himself, and was sent west.

Lava, upon hearing of Kusha’s dishonor, killed his brother with his own hand, and vowed to hunt down Xi.

Xi Sang

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